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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions


Where can I order the Grilletta Cover?

Email us at [email protected]

Can I make high hydration dough with a single speed?

Yes, it is also possible to make mixes at 70/80%. You just need to familiarize yourself with the mixer and use one that allows high hydrations.

Can I knead fresh pasta or hard dough with the Grilletta?

Yes, you can make hard doughs such as fresh pasta, shortcrust pastry, hard dough breads, sourdough and more.

Can I make large leavened doughs?

Certainly, you can make dough for panettone, colomba and other leavened products with all versions of our mixers.

Can I make dough for pinsa, pan pizza or high hydration bread?

Certainly, doughs up to 100% hydration can be made with the HH model specifically designed for such doughs. With the non-HH models it is still possible to knead doughs up to 90% hydration.

How do I adjust to the various speeds of the Grilletta?

If you are new to using a spiral mixer, we advise you, for example, to use low speeds from 0 to 3 for hard or large leavened doughs, from speed 3 to speed 5 for medium hydration doughs (from 55% to 65 %) speeds from 5 to 10 for doughs that exceed 65% hydration. Gradually, as you get to know your mixer better, you will find your personal preference for mixing.

Can I wash my Grilletta in the dishwasher?

Yes, if yours is a tilt-head mixer. Remove the bowl and conveniently place it in the dishwasher.